[Oozed Reaper Gaming] Recruiting NA Players!

Sat 22nd Nov 2014 - 4:59pm
 Interested in playing on a competitive Strife team? Playing games at a pro level? 


Oozed Reaper Gaming is an Competitive NA Strife team which is based on friendship, loyalty and unity. We have an EU team (Smiling Reaper Gaming) as well if you are interested in trying out for them, be sure to add SrG Shayan in game and message him for further inquiries!

So here we go, we are reqruiting skilled/active players for our team, Below you can see the rules on how to join the team and what is needed to:

  • Members: Skilled/Active players, Friendly person, Loyal to SrGaming and agree to the rules and stuff. Level +30! Age
    Does not matter in this case but toxic and childish behavior is not accepted at all!

To Introduce:

  • Name And Age
  • Strife Level
  • MoBAs experience

Must do(s):

  • All players should put (OrG) before their in-game nickname.
  • All players should register on the SrGaming website and actively follow the disscussion etc.
  • Should listen to the SrGaming Manager, Their Team Captains. Be loyal to their team and organization, be nice and friendly.
  • Should follow the practice times and be on practices on-time! (mentioned at forums)

Contact @ OrG Big D Mills Or @ OrG Zingod In-Game for more details! You can also contact us via FB,

Big D Mills' FB Page
Zingod's FB Page

Goodluck! Big D Mills.



Shayan Tawabi

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