Recruiting, Clan "Beta" And Rules!

Sun 2nd Nov 2014 - 12:25pm : Gaming

Hey Guys!

 Are you looking forward to lead your own eSport team? Do you want to be a Captain And/Or a member of an organised and competitive Strife team? 

Smiling Reaper Gaming is a Strife Competative team which is based on friendship, loyalty and unity. Our main Clan "Alpha/άλφα" has been made of 5 skilled players who only seek for victory.
But we also wanna a second Clan "Beta/βήτα"! And only because it's name is Beta Doesn't mean that it can't be better & stronger than the "Alpha"! ;)

So here we go, we are reqruiting skilled/active players for our team, Below you can see the rules on how to join the team and what is needed to:

  1. Team Captain: Must be more than 20 years old, Skilled/Active "Closed Beta" player and decent person who can lead and manage a team of 5 premade players.
    (if you think you can do it, contact me! You will also have moderator access to the site to edit things etc.)
  2. Members: Skilled/Active players, Friendly person, Loyal to SrGaming and agree to the rules and stuff. Level +30! Age
    Does not matter in this case but toxic and childish behavior is not accepted at all!


To Intrduce:

  • Name And Age
  • Strife Level
  • MoBAs experience


Must do(s):

  • All players should put (SrG) before their in-game nickname.
  • All players should register on the SrGaming website and actively follow the disscussion etc.
  • Should listen to the SrGaming Manager, Their Team Captains. Be loyal to their team and organisation, be nice and friendly.
  • Should follow the practice times and be on practices on-time! (mentioned at forums)


 PS: After creating the Beta Clan, we are also looking forward to creat a "Gamma" Clan right after the beta get completed! So keep an eye in the news section for future information and annoucements

Contact "SrG Shayan" Or "SrG Soyba" In-Game for more details! You can also contact us via FB,




Cheers, Shayan.




Shayan Tawabi

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